Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"All About Vowels" Anchor/Flip Charts

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During guided reading groups and while working with individual students, I have often wished for a way to bring our class anchor charts right to the students.  So, this summer I told my husband and sons what I wanted, and they had a "friendly" little contest to see who could come up with the best design.  This little stand was the hands down winner and designed by my handsome 13 year old son.  
The chart stand has been a fabulous help to teach and reinforce students about a particular concept during small group instruction.   I can put it right in front of them.  I have been thrilled with the response from my little firsties.  The plans for this stand are included in my "All About Vowels" packet available in my TpT store.

This packet also includes 40 darling anchor charts including:
 Short Vowel Sounds
 Long Vowel Sounds
 Silent "e"
 R-controlled vowels
 "Y" as a vowel
 Vowel Teams (Vowel Digraphs and Dipthongs)


  1. This is awesome to have this right at your fingertips during guided reading! I need to look into something. Would he be willing to share the dimensions & size of pipe he used? Thanks, Jackie

    1. I'm so glad you like it! The plans for the chart stand are included in my "All About Vowel" packet.

  2. That is ingenious!
    We just posted some great October freebies on our blog! Check them out!

  3. Ah! This is amazing! I'm a Reading Tutor and have a tiny cubicle in the Reading Lab. Now, I know I'm lucky to even have a cubicle in my position (I've tutored in places where you had to grab any free spot you could in the building) but there's not enough room to host things for all of my K-5 groups. This will be a great tool that I can easily take off of my table! Thank you!

  4. Fredia you did such a great job on this! I love it! You are so talented.

  5. OMG!!!!! Today I was thinking that I need small anchor charts during guided reading, and a way to switch them around depending on my group! This is perfect!! You are a genius!!!

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  7. Can you please tell us how to make this stand? Thank you so much!

  8. This would be a very usable stand, but don't need the items that come in the pack. Would be great if you would share the dimensions or just sell the dimensions/specs.

  9. Wow - what a great idea for posting objectives/standards; SIOP signs, etc. Thanks for sharing - I can use these ideas in my 8th grade SIOP science classes - and my other classes, as well!

  10. I just made Tricia and I these mini tabletop chart stands! I LOVE them so, so much...Thank you for sharing and pinning!!!☺♥♥♥

  11. My dad made some beautiful wooden ones for me a number of years back. They are so handy!

  12. Did you use washi tape to decorate the stand?