Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Where We've Been

Pin It You may have noticed we haven't posted on the blog for a few months. We wondered whether or not we should address it, but we decided it would make things make a little bit more sense. The past few months have been really rough for our family. In February of this year, Rob started getting really sick. We thought it might have been an ulcer or a gall bladder issue, but after a few weeks of things not improving he went to the doctor. They did an ultrasound and found tumors all over his liver. He had an advanced melanoma removed from the top of his head about 7 years ago. We thought we were in the clear when they removed it and he didn't show any sign of further cancer for 5 years, but it had apparently metastasized to at least his liver and lungs. Things took a turn for the worst at the end of February and he was admitted to the hospital on March 2nd. On March 4th he passed away. It was his 47th birthday. He really never has done anything half way.

My dad is one of my very best friends. He has always been so full of life. He never stops smiling. He is the epitome of selflessness. He tells the best stories and has the best laugh. His laugh has always been one of my favorite sounds. He always knows exactly the right thing to say. He got me through a lot of hard things growing up purely because I knew that my daddy loved me. He is one of the very hardest workers I know. He is brilliant. I swear, he knows how to do everything. He taught me everything I know from exotic pets to movie making to sports cars to water skiing to fixing things to changing a tire on my car to appreciating good food to setting up a tent to understanding the scriptures, and every other dad thing in between. He taught me how a dad is supposed to treat his wife and his kids. He taught me about forever families. He taught me what unconditional love looks like. He taught me that I am strong and beautiful on the inside and out. I think most important of all, he taught me how to love God with all of my heart, and I will never be able to thank him enough for that. 

This has been a very difficult year for our family. We have cried a lot together, and we have grown a lot together. We have many challenges ahead, but we are grateful we have each other to lean on, and that we believe we will see him again. He has left a legacy of hard work and faith, and we are trying to continue to pass it on. 

Thank you for understanding our absence. We are working hard to find a new normal, and we are so excited to be back in the world of teaching.  

Friday, June 5, 2015


Pin It On the last day of school our faculty and staff say many a tearful goodbye to our cute kiddos, lock up the building, and gather at a local restaurant to celebrate the end of the school year.   Part of the celebration includes the introduction of our theme for the following year.  This theme comes from a book that we read together as a faculty over the summer.  I agree with our principal, "There is a great deal of power that comes from reading and discussing a book as a faculty."  Over the last six years, these books have helped to shaped the culture of our school.

I was intrigued when they passed out these vintage Mickey bags.

Inside was our summer read!  
 "The Disney Way"

Our school theme for 2015-16
 “I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs, I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true.”
 -Walt Disney
I'm excited to read this book, share my "light-bulb" moments right here on my little blog, discuss it with my colleagues during professional development days, and implement some ideas from the "Disney Way" in my classroom next fall!   

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Classroom Digs

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 I made it through our first two weeks and 
things are starting to settle into a nice routine.  

 We're "Flying Through First Grade!"
This is the display outside my classroom.  I'm thrilled with how it  turned out.  
I used my panorama function to get the whole wall...
It turned out a little funky...but you get the idea:)

My new Math and Literacy Focus Walls are  
wonderful additions.  They have truly become the focal points 
in our classroom.  My students are constantly referring to and using the resources that are now all located in one spot.  Love!!

The very best thing about this year are the seven extraordinary, funny, generous, wonderful, talented women I work with every day!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week 2014--Who?

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 I am excited to be  linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2014!  
I love discovering new blogs and learning more about my favorite teacher bloggers.  

Here's a little bit about "WHO" I am.

I am the wife of this wonderful man.
We were engaged 11 days after we met...
24 years later I can't believe it took us so long. ;)

These amazing people call me Mom.
My oldest is 22 and my youngest is 12...yes...she really is 12.

I live in such a beautiful place. 
This is Mount Timpanogas in Northern Utah.
Simply breathtaking!  

My love of diet Coke is not new info...
Sadly, this is a close to my name as I am going to get.  

I've shared the story of how I got my class pets here.
This summer, when I brought home my little frogs and put 
them in our home vivarium, we discovered we had a breeding pair.  
Now, we have 16 well cared for tadpoles living in the windowsill of my kitchen.   
I have no idea how this happened to a nice girl like me. :)

Well, that's a little bit of how I roll.  
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School Blast Off Sale

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I'm off to fill my cart!  
Happy Shopping!