Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Spy “SnowBalls” by Lois Ehlert

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I love Lois Ehlert.  Her book “Snowballs” is one of my favorites. 

We used it this past week to work on our descriptive writing skills.  First, I read this story to to my class, and we talked about all of the wonderful illustrations and details of Lois Ehlert’s snow characters.

Then, I sent the outline below home with each of my students.  They each “built” their own snow person.  After they were returned, I had each of my little ones write a description of their snow friend.

I displayed all of the snow people and we played a game of “I Spy”. As I read each of the descriptions the class voted on which snowman was being described.  They loved it!!  After we matched the snowmen to their descriptions we displayed them in the hall for the whole school to enjoy!


So cute!


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  1. I love your game idea. That's one of my favourite books, too!

    Grade ONEderful

  2. I love Lois Ehlert books!! Love your activities.

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  4. I just gave you a 'lovely' award. Come on over to my blog and check it out.


  5. I LOVE your froggy blog and snowman ideas! I love that book, but its so hard to get the kids into snow in TX when we walk outside in shorts and a tee shirt most of the year, lol! Stop by my little side of the pond somtime!

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