Friday, August 19, 2011

3 by Me

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A few years ago a read a great idea in the “Mailbox” magazine about a “Three by Me” envelope for students writing.  I’ve tweaked it to work for me over the years and I created these fun covers and poem for the envelope.
I use 10 x13 clasp envelopes. Just glue on the cover, and run it through the laminator, with the flap to the envelope open.  Then I just use a razor blade to cut the laminating across the opening to the envelope.  Because the clasp is laminated over, I just stick on a piece of velcro to close the flap.
1.  When the student has three finished stories in their writing folder, they put all three stories in their “Three by Me” envelope.
2.  They take home the envelope and Mom and Dad help them decide which one they want to share in the Author’s Chair the next day.  The other two stories stay at home. 
3.  The following day they have the chance to share the chosen story with the class.  I always put a sticker on the back of their envelope after they have shared.  This is reinforcing for them and it gives me a quick visual reminder of how often they are sharing stories in the Author’s chair. 
4. I take the story they share and add it to their portfolio.  I bind all of the stories in their portfolio and present the portfolio to the student at our Author’s Celebration at the end of the year.
3 by Me example
I love “Three by Me” for a couple of reasons: students are motivated to finish pieces, parents have the opportunity to read their child’s writing regularly, and it allows children to evaluate their writing and choose favorite pieces. 
Later in the year when students are writing longer stories,  I don’t make them wait until they have three to share.  At that point I retire their envelope and we start the process of “fancy” publishing their work.

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  1. Very cute plus a great idea!


  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try this out with my kiddies this year.

  3. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing :0)
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