Friday, July 27, 2012

In Pictures and In Words: Chapter 10

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In this chapter, Katie Wood Ray is all about "tone".  She explains that the content of writing, "will evoke an intellectual response'  while the tone is all about "evoking an emotional response".  She continues to explain, that if a reader does not like the tone of the piece they probably won't care about the content.  

I found her use of email examples fascinating.  In a world that is all about texting and email I often worry about the "tone" of my writing.  It is interesting that people often use emoticons (illustrations???) to make sure the tone of their emails and texts aren't misunderstood.   

Katie Wood Ray suggests, "But in the context of illustration study, young writers can get started understanding tone and can begin to draft pictures with tone in mind.  The key is to first help children understand that pictures evoke emotional responses in readers, just as words do, and then to explore the tools illustrators use to moderate the tone of a picture."

This is one of my favorite books!!  

This is a story of a bear who is very calmly and patiently looking for his hat until he realizes...

I Want My Hat Back - Page 19 (Red Bear), Jon Klassen
Technique 34: Crafting Tone With Background Color

The subtle changes in lighting and color create very different
feelings and tone on each page of this book.

This student favorite is perfect for Technique 33: Shifting Tone by Shifting Color

Deedee Wills has just updated her fabulous resource of books to use in an illustration study.  


  1. Many of the Woods books are great examples of setting the tone with background. They are one of my favorite couples! Wouldn't you like to have them over for dinner?
    Owl Things First

  2. I Want My Hat Back looks funny! Cute youtube video- thanks for sharing!

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