Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Twenty-one years ago today I married my "everything". 
Last year I started a list of  20 things I didn't know when I married my sweetie:).  I wondered if I would have anything to add to the list this year.  I shouldn't have worried, he outdid himself and made it easy to add number 21 to the list.  At the end of last year I decided I wanted a class pet.  I love frogs, and thought it would be a perfect fit.   Here is where I made my mistake...I told him about it.  He started doing some research and suggested that poison dart frogs would be fun.  I had a few concerns.  The first being that anything with  "poison" in a  classroom made me a little nervous.   He quickly assured me that the frogs were only poisonous if they ate fire ants and our frogs would eat wingless fruit flies.  To make a very long story a bit shorter, we continued to research, built a habitat for my new little pets, and purchased two beautiful frogs.   My cute little firsties love the frogs and named them Jack and Annie (from the "Magic Tree House" series).   I foolishly thought that was the end, but no, it was just starting.  He decided that the frogs were so cool that we should build a "little" vivarium for our house.   I knew it was pointless to say no...been there, done that and let's just say once he gets an idea in his head it is all over.  Well, ten months later here is number 21 on my list:

Twenty-one years ago I didn't know he would build a three hundred gallon poison dart frog vivarium for my living room complete with all live plants, and a waterfall he carved himself.

In his defense it is beautiful,  and he is without a doubt the most talented, creative, amazing, slightly obsessive person I know.   I love you sweetheart,  and 21 years is a really great start!! 


  1. Oh holy cow!!! How cool is that?! Wow is your hubs talented!!! Congrats on 21 years:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. This made me laugh so much! I'm in my first year of marriage and am still looking forward to the many discoveries that await me : ) My husband is the crafty, obsessive type as well, and I could so see him doing this!

  3. Such a wonderful story! Love this. Wish I'd had it for my funny stories in my K book. LOVE your blog! I'm LDS too so can relate to the grandiose projects.