Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slap It Review game

Pin It Last year I learned a really fun review game from our amazing second grade team.  My kids love it!  They beg to play!! I love it because it is a minimal prep activity I can use it to review almost anything.  I have used it to review math facts, shapes, time, money, sight words, contractions, color words, number words, vocabulary…whatever you can think of. It’s called “Slap It”.  All you need to play is two fly swatters and a white board.
In this example we were reviewing number words.
1.  Write the number words (or whatever you are reviewing) on the white board.
2.  Then the kids stand side by side with their “slappers” at their sides.
3.  The teacher says the word they need to find and they try to “slap” the answer with the fly swatter.  
4.  The first person to “slap” the answer earns a point for their team.
Before we play this game, I always have a discussion about what good sportsmanship looks like and sounds like.  I love how cute they are as they congratulate and encourage the members on their team.

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