Monday, July 18, 2011

Santa Throws in the Towel

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TBA is having a Christmas Craft Linky Party.  Here is a fun craft I have done with pre-school kids and  my firsties .  I have seen variations of the "hand santa," but this is how I have made it.  Parents love this as a gift!

**White hand towels.  Watch for these to go on sale.  I can usually get them for $1 a piece.

**Fabric paint (white).  Make sure to get the Tulip "Puffy" Dimensional Fabric Paint
**Fabric paint (light pink, red, and black).  I like the Tulip "Slick" Dimensional Fabric Paint 

Step 1.  Paint child' entire hand with a generous layer of red paint.   Have child carefully press her hand onto the towel fingers pointing down.  

Step 2. Let dry completely (I usually do this project over several days.)
Step3.  Have child use a small paint brush to paint the bottom half of the palm part of her hand print (right above the fingers) with light pink (I usually mix in some white and a tiny bit of orange to make it a little more flesh colored). .  This will be Santa's face. 
Don't get carried away, most of the palm print is going to be Santa's hat.  He just need a little face peeking out.  

Step 4. Let it dry completely

Step 5.  Child uses the "puffy" white paint to color in her fingers on the hand print.   The fingers become Santa's beard.
(VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to leave the thumb and the top part of the palm next to the thumb red, this will be Santa's hat.

Step 6. You guessed it...Let dry completely:)  

Step 7. Trim out Santa's hat with the white puff paint.  A line across the palm makes the brim of Santa's hat and a poof on the end of the thumb makes a pom-pom on the end of Santa's hat.
Final Steps:  When Santa has dried, two little dots right below the brim of his hat are all he needs for eyes.  Use the black paint to write child's name and the year below her hand print. Voila!! 
If you are feeling super ambitious, a jingle bell sewn to the thumbprint is darling! 

(I thought I had a finished product...and of course when I really want to find something I can't!  So, I did what any good teacher does and improvised.  Here is a little diagram in case my directions were as clear as mud:) 

 Merry Christmas in July!!


  1. How adorable! Thanks for linking up with TBA's Christmas Craft Linky Party! :)

  2. This sounds so cute! Do you happen to have a photo of the finished product?

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