Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Madness

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Happy Monday everyone!  First, I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their followers disappearing?  Mine have vanished and I can't see the follow button on any other blogs...kinda frustrating.  I was also wondering if you are able to see my followers and follow(please) me?  If you are having this problem (I hate being alone:)  or better yet if you know how to fix it, I would be so grateful!!   Second item of business this morning.  I had a couple of people request a jungle themed communication folder like my "frog folder" I shared a few weeks ago.  It is now finished and in my TpT store this morning.  I had a lot of fun making it.  If you would be interested in a different themed folder let me know!  I am working on my "Wild West" word wall this morning and it will be in my store this afternoon.  OK, I think that's everything....maybe!  Just Keep Smilin'


  1. I just started my blog and I too have been frantically searing the web for an answer to why people can't follow my blog because there is NO FOLLOW button. I am so so so frustrated, especially since I am trying so hard to start a blog. I started to think that my blog just stunk until someone emailed me and said that my followers button was MIA!! From what I gather on the blog helpers forum is that this happens often and to several people. I looked at several of the blogs I follow (yours included!!) and they to are missing their followers button. I am not sure how to fix it, but it looks like it is a google issue. Hopefully all will get fixed and I might actually get some followers!!!

    Mrs. Egley

  2. I am able to see your followers and was also able to click on your "follow me" button. What browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, try switching to wither Firefox or Chrome. If you are using Firefox, switch to Chrome.

    Glad I found your blog; looks like it will be a great additions to me daily reads! :)

  3. I would purchase a monster themed folder. It could even be a "Wild About Learning" folder with monsters on it. :) Liz

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