Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Let Them Be Little"

Pin It My fifteen year old daughter has been volunteering all this week at a charity event called "The Princess Festival" The Princess Festival is the ultimate Princess experience, it is an event where little girls have the opportunity to meet, play with, and help the Princesses of the imaginary kingdom of Everley. Beside the fact that the proceeds go to support charity, I loved that the little girls actually get to help with a variety of service projects that benefit local charities. Yesterday I spent the day there with my younger daughter and it was amazing!! My little eight year old daughter helped make hair ribbons for girls at "The Christmas Box House". Each Christmas Box House serves as a one-stop assessment center for abused and neglected children, from infants through children up to the age of eighteen.

I love the message it sends young girls that being a Princess is more than glitter and ribbons - a true Princess knows how to make a difference in the world by using courage, compassion, and grace!

Love, love, love the story of how the Princess Festival came to be...check it out at this link. The Princess Festival

So, how does this relate to a teaching blog you might ask...well...just a minute and let me get on my soap box:) OK, I teach because I feel passionately about the importance of children and about making sure they feel important, special, appreciated, and most of all loved! I know they all come to me from different backgrounds and family situations, some much better than others. It is my job to make sure that while they are in my classroom they get to be children. If I can make learning fun and exciting, if I can create a safe place for that learning, if I can build a community of kind, caring, responsible children, and if they leave my classroom knowing that their teacher loves them, then and only then, have I done my job! I will not settle for less. Because of my feelings, I want to support and promote any organization that does these same things for children. The Princess Festival does just that!!

Here are some pictures from our adventures in Everley.
I am so lucky that these beautiful girls call me mom!!


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