Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calendar Linky Party

Pin It So...I was doing a little blog stalking last night when I noticed that Ms. A was having a linky party on her site Oceans of First Grade Fun. The topic...Calendar board vs. Promethean board. I love this idea! But, I have one huge obstacle, I don't have a Promethean board.

Might I suggest a third option??? How about using a document camera and individual calendar books?

It would be super simple to throw each piece of the calendar under my document camera, project it onto my whiteboard. My calendar would look just like the ones in their calendar books making it much easier for my little ones (especially in August and September).

I love the idea of having the space my calendar takes to use for my math workshop/math wordwall. I just don't have enough space for everything. Do any of us???

One concern from last year was the set up of my calendar. My wonderful, amazing, awesome hubby (he doesn't even pay me to say those things:) built me this fabulous kiva. I absolutely love it and will post more about it soon. The kiva faces my white board and I have my calendar/math wall on one side and my reading workshop wall on the other. The main problem is the students can't see the calendar as well as I would like. Projecting the calendar directly onto my whiteboard would solve this problem.

I also noticed as the year went on my students became less engaged with calendar. Even when I added new and different elements they were more distracted when it wasn't their turn to help. If I used my document camera and individual calendar books, all the kids would be engaged with every part of calendar, not just my "calendar helper".

I think I'm loving this idea more and more! Thanks Ms. A for opening up a new possibility!!!


  1. Hey Fredia! Thanks for linking up with me. I love your kiva! I'm thinking which ever way I go, I'm definitely using calendar books.
    Ms. A

  2. Hi Fredia! Why doesn't it surprise me that you are starting a blog. So glad, now it will be easier to keep up with all the cool things that you are doing.
    Mary C.

  3. Love the idea of document camera with calendar notebooks. "now why didn't i think of that?"